Open New York Endorses Ryder Kessler for New York State Assembly

Open New York, New York’s leading pro-housing group, today announced that its members have voted overwhelmingly to endorse Ryder Kessler in the Democratic Primary for Assembly District 66, which includes Tribeca, the West Village, and parts of Soho/Noho, Union Square, the East Village, and Chelsea.

New York is ground zero for the nation’s housing and affordability crises. New Yorkers today have inherited a housing crisis that has driven rents to sky-high levels, locked young people out of homeownership, and forced long-time residents out of the neighborhoods they helped build. Against this backdrop, it is clearer than ever that New York needs a pro-housing coalition of lawmakers in Albany that are steadfastly committed to doing what it takes to make New York a state where anyone who wants to live here can afford to do so.

“We have an affordability crisis, a homelessness crisis, and a displacement crisis — none of which can be addressed without building more homes,” said William Thomas, Executive Director of Open New York. “Ryder Kessler understands that New York can no longer afford to be a city where the wealthy and well-connected — and the lawmakers who have for far too long enabled them — are able to prevent the creation of new housing. He has proven himself as a relentless advocate for more mixed-income housing and is exactly who the residents of Assembly District 66 need fighting for them.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Open New York and its membership,” said Ryder Kessler, Democratic candidate for New York’s 66th Assembly District. “Due to insufficient supply, our rental market is the most expensive in America, which drives housing insecurity, displacement, homelessness, and sprawl. I look forward to fighting for the changes necessary to ensure abundant affordable housing for New Yorkers in Assembly District 66 and across the city and state.”

As part of its endorsement, Open New York’s committed membership base will engage in grassroots campaigning, bolstering the already robust effort behind Ryder’s candidacy. In 2021, Open New York played an important role in the June citywide primaries, endorsing four winning candidates — including new Housing / Building Committee Chair Pierina Sanchez.

2022 is quickly emerging as a year when housing is at the forefront of the city and state agenda, with more and more leaders like Ryder joining Open New York’s calls for more housing. If elected, Ryder would join a growing coalition in Albany committed to increasing density in high-opportunity, high-transit areas, legalizing ADUs, and allowing more affordable housing options wherever possible.




Open New York is an advocacy group working for more housing in New York City. Let’s open the city we love to all. You can find us at

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Open New York

Open New York

Open New York is an advocacy group working for more housing in New York City. Let’s open the city we love to all. You can find us at

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